Video Marketing For Lawyers

Do you want to accelerate maximum leads, convert the paying clients for your law company, or drive maximum traffic to your website? Video Marketing is your best option to achieve your goals.

Video Marketing improves audience engagement, together with your SEO and search rankings. It communicates to the potential clients that you have a proper firm for the work and will serve high-quality services only.

But Video Marketing is not as easy to understand and implement. And to make this process easier for you, we have come up with thirteen authentic ways that can get your Video Marketing strategies on track.

Video Marketing Tips for Lawyers

  • Researching Keywords

Know your audience – this is a significant thing to keep in mind.

You can go to YouTube and type a search term of your interest. When you search the keyword, YouTube will automatically suggest the highest familiar video searched words. You will get some more ideas from the Google search engine within the dropdown list

Perform thorough research that will show you the right keyword to attract your audience.

  • Investment in the high-quality script for your video

Your target will be to gain maximum views on Youtube as 90% of people watch YouTube with sound. So this is where you ought to base your videos. With this, you also have to understand that you should connect with your audience on an emotional and intellectual level.

A good script will surely pay off. Make sure it is properly edited and focuses on the crux of the topic well.

  • Develop FAQ content

People are always in search of informational or educational videos. They prefer watching a video than reading an article. Convey the right information and, this will improve your users’ engagement and trust.

  • Create high-quality videos for your website homepage

People will always want to know why you are different from others. So, showcase your brand and the facilities you serve.  A highlight of what you are today and, the story of your journey, pictures of your office will surely frontline your brand.

Give an attractive video on top of the homepage. You can use video creator tools by InVideo.

  • Interview video on YouTube

A client does not contact a lawyer just by knowing the lawyer’s name. They will want to know about the lawyer’s expertise and the number of cases the lawyer has won.

Use YouTube as a platform to post your interviews. It will convey your expertise and experience. When you post an interview video on Youtube, it will build users’ trust.

  • Vlogs

You never have to be creative for vlogs. You can keep it real. You can make vlogs on a visit to your office, cases, your advice, courtroom experience, client’s experience, and tips. Vlogs help in showcasing the actual day-today activities and how you work. This will help engage users.

  • Call To Action

Most lawyers forget the call to action at the end of the video. You can tell them to click on a particular link, visit your website or call on the given phone number.

  • Post your videos on multiple social media platforms

Publish your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Landing pages, and Avvo to make your firm popular among the target audience. The more visible your videos are, the more will be the reach and engagement.

  • Create long videos

Most people stop watching a video after some time but, that does not mean that you will make short videos. As a lawyer, you must know that your target audience does not want quick fixes to their problems. A long video will provide them with an in-depth understanding of your work.

  • Create Animated Videos

If you are uncomfortable facing the camera, create animated videos. Hook your audience with professional animated videos. Make sure your video is informative and answers to every question of the viewer. You can use various Youtube movie maker tools available online.


Lawyers have been around with Google, YouTube, Facebook, for so many years. By using video marketing tactics, all the elemental search engines and social media platforms lawyers can turn their potential leads into their genuine clients.

Wasim Akram

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